At Our Brand Is we simply love brands. What they do, how they reach out and connect, what sort of social mission they have, how they sing and zing, and come to life.


Understanding branding

We have extraordinary brand experience and have kicked big goals for leading worldwide brands over many years.
We have digital history. We have designed many digital firsts for multiple corporations and Victorian and Australian governments.


The future is here

In this faster changing world with the rate of technology doubling every 2-3 years, the focus for brands must be on the future and how they can thrive within this context. How brands respond to and work with the massive changes happening now, with AI, botnets and even newer technology touchpoints still to be developed. Brand planning must be carefully managed within this ever changing environment.

Brand spirit

Brand spirit is a special place that is hard to establish. It needs careful and considered brand planning. Brand hierarchy, if appropriate, will also play a critical role in market. So how do we bring all this knowledge, thinking and foresight together?


The way forward

We work closely with clients and stakeholders to gather a complete understanding of attitudes, needs and wants, to help inform the brand strategy. We use an 8 point proprietary brand planning process as part of our overall approach.


Essential ingredient

We also have fun along the way, to help achieve our best work. Whichever part of the planning process we are working on, we are always focussed on getting the best outcomes for our clients and the brands we work with. Always.