5 Steps to more customers

1. Discover

We seek, speak, ask, gather and garner data and information about your brand and the market it lives in. Understanding the playing field is vital to a successful winning strategy.

2. Marketing/Brand Strategy

We develop a rigorous marketing strategy, which includes a powerful brand and digital engagement plan with clear KPI objectives, to differentiate your brand in market.

3. Engagement Plan

We develop the plan to take your brand to the world focussed on brand engagement and bringing target groups along the buyer journey.

4. Launch

Launching the plan with all the digital armoury we have at our disposal, and more, to meet agreed KPIs.

5. Analytics

Agree clear measurement priorities, create Dashboard, Analyse, Interpret, Refine approach, Engage.

At Our Brand Is we know about effective brand positioning. How brands should reach out and connect in an emotional sense, and how they should come to life across the digital sphere, to help customers. Through our deep understanding of customers and their relationships with brands, we know how to build effective brand/digital strategies, focussed on growth. We concentrate on the customer and their brand journey in the most efficient way. Challenging times mean this is even more important.


Understanding branding and digital

We have extraordinary brand experience and have kicked big goals for big brands over many years. Most importantly we have digital history. We’ve designed many digital firsts for world leading brands and Victorian and Australian governments over the years. This experience helps us in the even faster moving digital arena now.


The future is here

Websites/Apps and other digital communications must work even harder now to stand out and attract more customers and keep them. We know the technologies to help bring the customer along the journey, but we are not a ‘we do it all’ agency like many, who charge massive fees for a ‘one size fits all’ package. We use insightful, customer obsessed digital strategies utilising brand insights to engage a broad customer base.

Brand spirit

Brand spirit is a special place that is not easy to establish. It needs careful and considered brand planning. Brand hierarchy, if appropriate, will also play a critical role in market. So how do we bring all this brand and digital knowledge, thinking and foresight together?


The way forward

We work closely with clients and stakeholders to gather a complete understanding of attitudes, needs and wants, to help inform the brand strategy.  This is all done within a digital planning process that is focussed on customer intent, bringing to life the customer journey map. We do not do cookie cutter solutions!


Essential ingredient

Whilst fun is an essential ingredient to help achieve our best work, we know that focus, insight and experience are the key drivers of helping brands navigate difficult times. Whichever part of the brand/digital planning process we are working on, we will be striving at 110% to help our clients through these times, working for the ‘right now’ and planning for the broader future. A future which will be brighter. Our undertaking is to always focus on getting the best outcomes for our clients and the brands we work with, fulfilling customer needs and building on relationships: using a 360° approach.